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What is Upper River Outreach Program

Our target approach for reducing marine debris is to stop the flow from the original location they are being littered at, from riverside towns and cities that are hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles inland from the ocean.

This issue of discharging plastic wastes into local rivers is happening at every country, occurring independent of economic development or political ideologies. This is not an issue belonging to one country or one area of the world.
We all take equal responsibility for marine debris. 

Marine debris is an interdisciplinary issue that requires the unique skills, talents, knowledge, and commitment of people worldwide. Through our outreach implementation tools and development of BAOTecS, we envision a global community that is dedicated, passionate, and concerned about the state of their local environment and realize that there are worldwide consequences that may become irreversible if we continue the way we are currently. 

By introducing our marine debris research and suggesting tools for different communities to adopt, we hope to encourage others to contribute to our pool of information. Doing so can reach a wider community and acknowledge more widespread environmental concerns pressuring different regions and people.

Broad Area Outreach Technology Study (BAOTecS)

ISLANDS4KIDS.ORG is dedicated to establishing a hub for “BAOTecS” in hopes of initiating and organizing widespread collaboration of young minds around the world, particularly of those who are living in upper river communities.

We are developing the Broad Area Outreach Technology Study (BAOTecS) to consolidate an interactive global network for our “Islands4Kids Upper River Outreach Program” and create customized course curriculums for classrooms and individual studies for students and young adults.

Cross Generational Outreach Program

The main idea of our “Cross Generational Outreach Program” is not only passing the baton but to accelerate the volume of input into young hearts by communicating the story of “Upper River Outreach Program” multiple times by people of different generations.

For an effective implementation of this cross generational outreach program, we are asking readers of all age groups to help us by working as an amplifier to relay information to young people to change our future for the better.
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