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Poster & Sign making
Help spread awareness by making your own posters and signs!

Promotion Poster for Upper River Outreach Program to Decrease Plastic Marin Debris


Upper Stream Clean-Up


Upper Stream Clean-Up


Save the Albatrosses!

You can view this CNN Report on what is happening at Midway Atoll
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Plastic Bags in the Ocean



Trash-Filled Ocean

“Ocean is expected to contain more plastics than fish by 2050 [by weight].

Ellen MacArthur of Ellen MacArthur Foundation reported at the World Economic Forum 2016 which was held at Davos, France.

Trash-Free Ocean


See What's Going on in our Environment


Beach Patrol


STOP Marine Debris


No Litter, No Marine Debris, No Harm


Protect Our Planet!


Remember the 3 R's


Coral Reefs


Coral Whispers - Save Beach Species

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