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What is Marine Debris?


Marine = Ocean / Sea
Debris =Trash,

Marine Debris is any trash that ends up in the ocean.

  Marine Debris washed up on a beach of small islamd
  Even though trash is made in one country, it can move across the sea to many other countries. Over a billion pounds of trash are dumped in the ocean yearly.

Plastic, glass, cloth, old fishing gear, metal, rubber, and boats are common types of ocean trash. This trash makes the ocean dirty and can hurt a lot of fish, sea plants, and sea animals.

When this trash ends up on beaches, it makes them dirty and can damage the homes of animals, insects, and plants on land.

What kind of trash become Marine Debris?

  All the trash that shouldn't be in the ocean becomes ocean garbage, also called "marine debris."
toothbrush buoy
broken plastic fork grill cleaner
propane gas tank refrigerator
plastic shoe sole plastic bottle
fluorescent light fishing net
bicycle tire lighter
detergent bottle buoy & plastic containers
plastic pallet net & ropes
paper container torch
helmet buoy
shoe supplement drink bottle
plastic pallet styrofoam
cosmetic container rubber material
rubber boot glass bottle
ink cartridge styrofoam
pills plastic pieces
toy soldier and pieces of plastics and glass nurdles (very small plastic pellets used to
produce plastic products)
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